GY System cyclone systems for air filtration

GY System

Filters and ait-cleaning accessories

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Cyclone system
GY System

for filtering
air from dust

Solutions for special vehicles, trucks,
generators and agricultural machinery
operating in conditions of high air pollution
Delivery directly from the manufacturerAbout company
GY-1 with integrated filter About the product
Easy installation in 1 hourHow to install
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GY-2 without built-in filter 关于产品
Patented technology
Operating temperature from –60 to +180 °C
We use impact-resistant plastic and high-quality paper
Provides air filtration

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    Information about the company

    The GY System factory (GY System) was founded in 2017 in China together with Russian and Chinese entrepreneurs, develops and manufactures filter elements and innovative cyclone systems for special equipment and trucks.

    Directions of activity (production and sale):

    • air, fuel and oil filters for trucks and special equipment;
    • innovative cyclonic air purification systems for special equipment GY-1 and GY-2.
    Russia (since May 2022)
    South America

    Sales geography: China, India, South America, Mongolia, Africa, Russia (since May 2022)


    Year of foundation of the company and start of production of cyclone systems
    85 650

    Installed GY System in 2022

    million dollars company turnover in 2021
    10 000

    XCMG international company ranked first in China construction engineering industries ordered GY System cyclone systems in 2022
    GY System cyclone pre-filters
    designed for harsh environments
    Official representative of the GY System factory in the Russian Federation and the CIS

    Products are delivered directly from the manufacturing factory, assembly production is localized in Russia

    Manufacturer's Warranty:

    Cyclone systems GY-1 and GY-2 – 5 years.
    GY System Air Filters - 3 years.
    (when retaining the original packaging)

    We use only high quality raw materials and materials

    In production, we use shock-resistant frost-resistant plastic and high-quality paper. You can learn more about our work in Telegram

    About the product

    Main advantages

    In 2017, GY System developed and in 2020 patented the innovative new generation filtration system GY-1, which provides:

    • Filtration ratio of air against dust 99,9%;
    • Fast and convenient cleaning;
    • Operational control of contamination level;
    • Installation of the system in 1 hour without changing the factory design of the equipment;
    • 4 modifications available for order.
    Request price
    * The cost depends on the parameters of the GY system. The base price includes a complete set for installing the GY-1 system, including connecting corrugations and 1 set of air filters, which are designed for 2000-2500 hours of continuous operation

    Products have different sizes.

    In 2020, GY System launched the second generation filtration system GY-2 into mass production, the main characteristics of which:

    • Air filtration 99%;
    • Compact design;
    • Installation in 15 minutes without changing the factory design of the equipment;
    • No built-in filter;
    • 6 modifications available for order.

    Products have different sizes.

    Certificates and patent GY System

    Why should you install
    GY System cyclone?

    Resource increase for proper engine operation
    Fast payback and reasonable price
    All techniques work on the same type of filters
    Savings on air filter replacement by 6-12 times depending on operating conditions
    Proven in Russia and abroad technology
    Filter does not require daily purge
    Operating temperature from –60 to +180 °C
    Air Filtration 99-99,9%
    No modifications to factory design
    Are you still in doubt?Try our test drive

    Principle of operation

    16 cyclone separators inside the system remove up to 98% of dirt from the air
    1,9% settle on pre-filters

    Scheme of work

    Installation in 1 hour instead of the standard system or additionally without making changes to the design
    Installation site
    air filter
    Internal filter
    Compartment for extracting air
    from the external environment
    Removable collection
    of debris and dust
    External filter
    Connecting corrugations and clamps
    locking cover
    Compact system GY-2
    without built-in filter
    Total Filtration Factor - 99,9%

    GY System systems are installed
    on all types of special equipment

    Truck tractors
    Dump trucks
    Front loaders
    All types of dump trucks,
    including mining
    All types of special equipment
    Excavators, wheel loaders,
    tractors, combines,
    rollers, bulldozers
    Special vehicles based on the ICE
    Crushers, generators
    and other equipment
    in 1 hour
    How to install?
    No special skills. Installed next to the air intake system.
    You will need two wrenches, a drill and universal bellows (included).
    Installation options
    Instead of regular

    You can install replacement of the factory system*

    You can install additional to the factory system*
    * The choice of installation option depends on the type of equipment and engine power.
    The manager will advise you in more detail.

    We have accumulated experience in installation of cyclone systems GY System on various equipment

    Our clients and partners who use the GY System
    Our contacts

    620033, Russia
    Iskrovtsev street 38a,
    office 302


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